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Giving URL Builder

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Last Updated: 02-20-2023


Use this form to conveniently create a URL that pre-fills a fund designation on the online giving form (see example). These links can easily be embedded in text or buttons on your website, or shared directly with donors who wish to donate to a particular fund. If you have a different online giving request, please visit our Giving URL Request form.

Giving URL Builder

At this time, the search feature below will only show results for funds that are currently displayed in online giving search results. To keep search results manageable for online donors, not all funds are displayed online. If you don’t find your fund, please contact the WFAA Digital Team.

Instructions: To create your giving URL, please enter the fund number that you would like to pre-fill on the giving page.

Enter Fund Number

Please remember to test your giving URL before using it. In some cases, providing a pre-filled giving URL requires the approval of an administrator in your school or college, or approval from a UW Foundation development staff member. Only use this URL if your use is approved.

  • Vanity (or 'short') URLs are often used to create an online giving opportunity for the recipient of a mail solicitation. The donor will type the full short URL into their browser and be redirected to a page with their fund selection prefilled.
  • As in ''.
    (maximum 28 characters)
  • Appeal codes can be used to track the number of gifts and dollars raised through your vanity URL (above). These codes follow a naming convention of Site_Year_Appeal Name. Your selections below will allow us to format your appeal code automatically.
  • Please select the site or unit that your appeal is associated with. If your appeal is not associated with any of the listed choices, please email
  • Select the calendar year during which your appeal will be active.
  • Give your appeal a short, descriptive name.
    (maximum 50 characters)